• Personal protective equipment

    Personal protective equipment protects workers from hazards such as chemicals, electricity, fumes, sharp objects, and noise.

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Acetylene is a colorless, combustible gas with a distinctive odor. When acetylene is liquefied.

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Agricultural labor housing

Oregon OSHA’s agricultural labor housing rules apply to any place where there are living areas.

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Bakery equipment

The requirements apply to the design, installation, operation, and equipment used in a bakery.

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An electric battery is a device that converts stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Each cell contains a positive terminal/cathode and a negative terminal/anode.

Chain Saws

At full throttle, the chain speed on a chain saw can reach 45 mph. At that speed, you don’t have much time to react to one of the most common chain.


Rammers are used for compacting small areas by providing impact load to the soil. This equipment is light and can be hand or machine operated.

Electrical generation, transmission, and distribution

Electricity is generated at power plants and moves through a grid of substations, power lines, and distribution transformers before it reaches consumers. In the United States, the entire grid consists of more than 7,300 power plants, nearly 160,000 miles of high voltage power lines, and millions of low voltage power lines and distribution transformers connecting about 145 million customers.